Grandpa Rock's music on the Raise!
Grandpa Rock Wins 2nd place for winter contest on:
Once you are on weloveyoursongs main web page, just type in the sreach box: Grandpa Rock, and once on Grandpa Rock's page,you can listen too the three songs posted on the site.  These 3 songs are 3 of the 6 songs that will be released World wide by:  Mondo Tunes one of the prizes Grandpa Rock won for 2nd place!
Grandpa Rock's Album that the 6 songs will be released under
Grandpa Rock's Grandson on his 3rd birthday in Colorado!
In Colorado mountains! 2010
Grandpa Rock is now booking shows, for information
                        Call:  330-554-4150   or
                330-678-0630       330-842-1314
Grandpa Rock on stage at:
Red Rock Amp. Threater, Colorado!
Safe Backyard Camping:  But now where did                   that spider go?